Monterey County Social Justice Calendar

Juneteenth Monterey County - 6/15/24

Juneteenth Salinas - 6/22/24

Greetings 2024 Community Partners!!

Please read & share with staff attending our 4th Annual Salinas Juneteenth… Thank you for your support, patience and cooperation!
You are confirmed to set up in the Central Plaza Saturday, June 22nd at Hartnell College, we ask that you use 411 Central Ave. Salinas, Ca. 93901 entrance to the campus. 
If you need to unload your vehicle, you can pull up into the quad from the round-a- bout entrance, but must unpack items then secure your vehicle in the Parking Garage- other accessible parking lots are on Alisal St. & Homestead Ave. 
Arrival for Community Partners can begin as early as 11am, but your vehicle(s) will need to be moved from the quad no later than 12:00pm. 
Event starts at 1pm and we ask that you are set up and ready to go by 12:30PM.  You can begin breaking down at 3:00pm to enjoy the remainder of the program, but will not be able to enter with your vehicle until 5:30pm – so please plan accordingly- 
This year the Hartnell Foundation & Umoja Program will be providing one free meal to the 1st 200 attendees. So, each Community Partner Agency will receive *one meal ticket* at time of Check In. Enjoy
Volunteers will be assisting us if you know in advance that you’ll need support please let us know. Also we  need your CP Forms turned in no later than the day of the event (Proof of Liability Insurance/Hold Harmless Agreement- attached & we will have copies as well)  We will have spaces marked for our partners and  ask that you speak with one of the Coordinators  before changing your space. 
Hartnell/ Salinas Juneteenth cannot provide electricity and will not be able to provide tables/ chairs for community partners- so please be prepared and bring what you need to be comfortable.  The public will begin to arrive as early as 12/12:30pm, so again be prepared to be open, up and running no later than 12:30-our program starts at 1:30pm and we know that you’ll enjoy yourself, the performances and have fun Participating In Our Freedom! 
 We thank you, if you have any questions, the best way to reach us is through our general email: salinasjuneteenth@gmail.com.
Take Care & thank you again for your continued support. 

NAACP California Hawaii State Conference

To read the full June CA/HI Newsletter

Happy LGBTQIA Pride Month! Last month, our new LGBTQIA Chair, Elizabeth Kamya was voted onto our NAACP State Executive Committee. Elizabeth is a passionate community activist dedicated to advancing social justice, inspired by her upbringing in a predominantly white Massachusetts neighborhood. She pursued her education at Santa Clara University, engaging in faith-based organizing. After graduating in 2019, she extended her advocacy into the labor movement, playing a pivotal role as a union representative in negotiating a groundbreaking contract for San Jose City Workers. Now, as the Organizing Director for the Sawubona Collective at People Acting in Communities Together (PACT), she focuses on empowering the black community in Santa Clara County through grassroots organizing. With roots in Uganda and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Elizabeth is committed to fostering genuine belonging and equitable opportunities for all.

It is the ongoing fight for civil rights that has laid the foundation for justice and equality in various areas, including the LGBTQIA community, demonstrating that our collective efforts can lead to broader social change. In addition to celebrating the contributions of our LGBTQIA community this month, we also celebrate African American Appreciation Month, by honoring the achievements of African American leaders who have paved the way for social justice and equality, particularly as we recognize the significance of Juneteenth in commemorating the end of slavery and the continuing struggle for freedom and justice.

I welcome you to join me at this year’s Legacy Hall of Fame event in Sacramento, CA to celebrate two remarkable civil rights leaders – Rev. Amos C. Brown and Actor Danny Glover. You can still secure an individual ticket, branch table, or non-branch tables until June 9, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the induction of Rev. Amos Brown and Danny Glover into the NAACP CA/HI Legacy Hall of Fame Gala. These living legends have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of justice, equity and have demonstrated outstanding works for the advancement of the civil right movement. Join me on June 10, 2024, in Sacramento, CA to celebrate their legacy and historic contributions.

Reserve a table here: ticketstripe.com/naacplegacy.

For Community,
Rick L. Callender, Esq.
NAACP CA/HI State Conference

Broadway Walk of Fame

Mel Mason Honored with a Seaside Star on Broadway

Join us on Saturday, 3/2/24 from 12:30-3 PM for an exciting event as the city of Seaside unveils the Seaside Stars on Broadway Ave! This event holds special significance our cofounder, Mel Mason, is honored in the community and social equality category. Mel’s dedication and commitment to advancing social equality have been instrumental in our organization’s mission and impact. These stars represent individuals and organizations that have significantly contributed to our community, embodying the spirit of compassion and empowerment. We invite you to join us in recognizing and celebrating Mel Mason’s outstanding achievements. Your presence and support will make this event even more meaningful.

Congratulations to the inaugural class of inductees for 2022 from Lyndon Tarver, President and Members of Monterey County Branch

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, City of Seaside will host the Broadway Walk of Fame ribbon cutting ceremony on Broadway Avenue. The event will take place from 1:00PM – 3:00PM.

The event will honor individuals that have made a significant and lasting contribution to the Seaside community in the areas of Athletics and Competition; Arts and Performing Media; Civics and Government; Community and Social Equality; Education; Environment and Conservation; Journalism and Literature; and Outstanding Achievement.

The Walk of Fame program was created in order to provide a unique attraction that enhances and encourages a walkable downtown. Each star will honor local Seaside residents and serve as a living historical record of Seaside’s achievements as a community.