PPC Subcommittees

This list includes folks who have indicted interest in the topics below at one of the first two PPC meetings.  We welcome everyone to attend the meetings and join a subcommittee.  There is plenty of work to go around.  Subcommittees will have their first meeting on Aug. 25th, 10:00-12:00, Victory Temple COGIC, Seaside


 1. Voter Empowerment and Education – Mrs. Rucker’s office, John Smith, Judy Karas, An McDowell, Guada Perez, Andrea Cerventes, Mira Saleh, Sharon Gross, Starra Hill, Alana Myles

2.  Criminal Justice – Guada, Christie Turano, Karina Barger, Denise Maikin, Mel Mason, Sue Parris, Glorietta Rowland, Susan Schiavone, Peggy Wielandt

3. Data Committee –  Nalini Melini Elkins, Nona Childress, Helen Davis

4. Grading Scale Committee (Political Report Card) –  Wes White, Ezzard McCall

5. Direct Action Committee –  Christie Turano, Wes White, Janet Wilson

6. Public Resources/Funds Available in the County –  John Smith and Garnett Quarles

7.  Outreach Committee/handouts – Christie Turano, Joyce Vandevere

8. Housing Committee – Guada Perez, Janet Wilson, Steve Eklund, Judy Karas, Timothy Barrett, Paula Carter, Gaye Freeman, Gloria Hill, Starra Hill, Lisa Lewis, Mel Mason, Natalia Molina, Alana Myles, Peggy Olsen, Hebard Olsen, Glorietta Rowland, Susan Schiavone, Peggy Wielandt, Andrea & Charles Wilson

9. Mental Health Committee – Garnett Quarles, Lisa Lewis

10. Photography 

11. Census Committee