July 28th Meeting Notes

PPC Meeting

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Oldemeyer Center

 Meeting Notes

 Attendees were asked to sign in, takes handouts (Agenda, MLK doc., Rev. Barber’s Fundamental Principals).

Regina informed individuals we would use the time to think about local guiding principles and asked everyone to refer to handout, use as guide but make them local.  Regina read each of the principals in the handout.  Everyone was encouraged to chime in if they wanted to add input.   

 Guiding Principals were discussed and the following were recorded

·       Name:   The Poor People’s Campaign for Self Determination and Economic Justice

·       Respect for Everyone’s Opinion

·       Everyone’s Voice Matters


·       Go to Monterey County Elections and get cards to register folks that need to vote.
Empowering the poor and the homeless in terms of civic engagement

·       Education?

·       It was mentioned that some people done know about Reverend Barber.  It was further mentioned that he’s just taking what MLK started and continuing it.  People need to hear about this!

·       Create a card to inform people of the website.

·       Keep NAACP website as a resource repository for people to get information.

·       We discussed top priorities provided and participants had a myriad of ideas.


We discussed creating subcommittees – individuals volunteered to be on the committees as reflected below:


 1.        Voter Empowerment and Education – Mrs. Rucker’s office, John, Judy, An McDowell, Guada, Andrea Cerventes, Mira Saleh

2.        Criminal Justice: Guada, Christie Turano SAS/WRE

3.        Data Committee:  Nalini Melini Elkins, Nona Childress, Helen Davis

4.        Grading Scale Committee (Political Report Card): Wes White, MCCALL

5.        Direct Action Committee: Christie, Wes, Janet Wilson

6.        Public Resources/Funds Available in the County: John and Garnet

7.        Outreach Committee/handouts: Christie

8.       Housing Committee – Guada, Janet Wilson, Steve Eklund, Judy Karas

9.       Mental Health Committee – Garnet Quarles

10.  Photography 

11.  Census Committee

 Next Meeting , Victory Temple COGIC, corner of Broadway and Yosemite streets, Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 10:00am – 12:00pm

We will divide into subcommittees and do subcommittee work at that time.  Regina will request 10 round tables for the work to begin.  People can bring people onto their committees and are encouraged to begin to think about due diligence and best practices.

The NAACP will clearly hold the fidelity of the PPC as far as being the official site and lead, etc, thanks for making the recommendation Anita.  The NAACP will continue far beyond all of us; it’s been here 87 years locally and will continue to be around for another 87 years with people that know right from wrong.