For more than one hundred years the NAACP has been the leading advocate for social justice and equality for people of color, and we can proudly boast such because of our Members. Since 1909, the NAACP has been supported by countless members and have led the fight for freedom, justice and equality. Members forge a better future each and every day for men, women and children. NAACP membership makes a positive difference in the lives of Americans, and provides an opportunity to become an important part of a network of hundreds of thousands of advocates across the country affectionately known as “members.”

While the NAACP has won many victories, the times ahead are critical. Membership helps us to close the gaps in the staggering statistics that so blatantly attest to the racial disparities in the United States. Our best hope for protecting the freedom of people and advancing the gains of the NAACP is by becoming a member, renewing memberships, and vowing to be more active, more vocal and more visible.

Discounts on prescriptions, restaurants and insurances are a few of the benefits of joining the NAACP. Membership in the NAACP automatically entitles members for discounts and benefits at more than 15,000 participating vendors through the NAACP Perks Programs. Vendors and updates are made daily and plans are underway to include additional services.

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What is your date of birth for Junior or Bronze? Fully paid Life Memberships include a 10-year subscription to The Crisis Magazine


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We are updating our membership information and need all members to forward their home address, email address and phone number to We need this information in order to keep you informed of all pertinent events and information.

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