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President’s Greeting

As President of the Monterey County Branch of the National Association for The Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), I would like to welcome you to our website and to also invite you to join us at our meetings.  The Monterey County Branch of the NAACP continues a tradition that began in 1932 of carrying out civil rights advocacy in Monterey County.  As a branch of the oldest and boldest, most revered and most feared civil rights organization in the history of this country, our branch of the NAACP continues to fight for social, educational, economic and political equality and justice for all people.  We continue to work in partnership and coalition with other like organizations to advance the cause of equal rights under the law.  We are relentless in our quest to end discriminatory hiring and firing practices, defending voting rights, supporting unions whose contracts are under fire from employers who are bent on destroying those unions, standing in defense of tenant rights to be free of threats or unwarranted evictions.

We will continue to promote equality and fight injustices.  Consider joining the NAACP and help strengthen our branch to realize the NAACP vision of a County and indeed a nation where racism and all other forms of discrimination and oppression no longer exists.


Mary Claypool, President





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